Steps to Contemplate About While Producing the High Quality Chakki Atta


It is certain that the quality of wheat plays the most significant role in the eventual outcome of the chakki atta products. It is no less than a daunting task for the atta chakki manufacturers to decide on the best quality of wheat since more than 200 verities of wheat have been on the rampage for farming in the last four decades. Given that, P Mark has the most up-to-date wheat testing equipment in the offing in addition to the highly accomplished team, we have an extensive acquaintance on the subject and as a result, the wheat is comprehensively checked. Here are the steps that we follow to facilitate the customers with the finest quality of chakki atta.

  • Opting for the best breed of cereals and pulses.
  • Pre-cleaning/cleaning of wheat systematically.
  • Fully automated milling.
  • Weighing and packing keeping in mind the food safety standards.
  • Quality testing and dispatch.

Chakki Atta an Indian Flour has various health significance from minimizing the chronic health problems to protecting against the digestive system issues. Let’s have a look at some of the key health benefits of chakki atta:

  • The whole wheat chakki atta produced by P Mark is loaded with fiber and low in calories. Due to its lesser calorie intake and a bit of an effort in the regular exercise can do wonders in the weight management.
  • It improves the blood sugar management.
  • Since, the whole wheat chakki atta of P Mark is a Satvik food; its regular consumption enhances the longevity, strength, health, and happiness.

The worth of chakki atta nutrition is very high as a consequence of the existence of bran which is full of fiber and several other nutrients such as Vitamin B, Iron, and Magnesium.


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